On Monday 26th April we had our first grading of the year! In total 43 students successfully moved onto their next belt after being assessed by Sensei Garry Harford 8th Dan.
A special congratulations goes to Ayla who was awarded the Andy Kemery Memorial Trophy for being the most outstanding student
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178422421_426252828360197_594672914733972934_n  178807959_426252821693531_8593302387494423696_n 
                            Ayla Jansen                                           Our New 1st and 2nd Kyus 
    Andy Kemery Memorial Trophy Winner

178396566_426252835026863_1770967340430391849_n  178639564_426252818360198_3075234360003172193_n 
                      Our New 4th Kyus                                           Our New 5th Kyus

179064069_426252831693530_4616621565191908713_n  180468964_426252841693529_2557533427577506833_n 
                       Our New 6th Kyus                                           Our New 7th Kyus

178412384_426252838360196_3565304105045521539_n  179284615_426252825026864_3793588834833898736_n
                     Our New 8th Kyus                                             Our New 9th Kyus